What is this?

Kred has created influence leaderboard around 2012 Summer Olympics. It can be displayed during the event and it can also be viewed online at olympics.kred.com.

How does it work?

Kred looks for tweets that use #london2012 or #olympics in tandem with an @name. It then awards points in real time to both the person posting the tweet and the person mentioned in the tweet.

Kred then uses a real-time scoring algorithm to assign Influence and Outreach rankings to everyone who has tweeted and mentioned other users with this hashtag.

A full description of our scoring system is available at Kred.com/rules.

The leaderboard is automatically refreshed at midnight, treating each day of 2012 Summer Olympics as a new event. This allows a new set of Top Influencers and Outreachers to appear on the leaderboard each day.

How is this different from other "leaderboards"?

Kred values engagement and interaction over follower count, and this makes us different from traditional "most tweets" leaderboards.

What do the points mean?

Kred awards points on a sliding scale for every tweet where the event hashtag and another @name is mentioned.

You receive Influence Points every time someone interacts with you or your content. 10 Points are assigned for the most common actions, like @replying or retweeting. We give more Points if someone with a large following does something for you, for example if someone with more than 10,000 followers retweets your post.

Influence Points are then translated to your Kred Influence Score. Kred Influence is normalized on a scale with a maximum score of 1,000.

You earn Outreach Points each time you do something generous for someone else.

More details on scoring system can be found at Kred.com/rules.

How do I earn points?

Simple. Just make a tweet that includes another @name. Make sure you include #london2012 or #olympics.

Your 2012 Summer Olympics Kred Outreach score will increase due to your generosity, and the Influence score of the people you mention in your tweet will increase.

What do the numbers at the top of each Influence and Outreach column mean?

This is the daily average Influence and Outreach points for people tweeting using #london2012 or #olympics. It is calculated as the sum of total Influence points using the hashtag divided by the number of total Influencers using the hashtag.

Why is my tweet not showing on the latest tweets section?

Have you mentioned another @name and the event hashtag? If you don't interact with others, Kred does not give Influence or Outreach points.

Kred believes that Influence is about more than the number of followers you have or how often you tweet. We believe real Influence comes from engaging and interacting with people and communities.

I'm tweeting like crazy. How come I’m not on the leaderboard?

Are you using the event search and mentioning other people in your tweets? You must use these to have points awarded.

On the main page for each event we show the top 7 Influencers and Outreachers. Click the "More Leaders" link above the top Influencers and you will see the top 50 Influencers and Outreachers. If you are not on this list, keep tweeting and show generosity by mentioning other users. When they mention or reply to you, this will in turn increase your Influence.

How do the scores here differ from the scores on Kred.com?

The 2012 Summer Olympics leaderboard measures Influence around the 2012 Summer Olympics event search. During the day, points are awarded to people in the 2012 Summer Olympics community (as identified by the use of the event hashtags). At midnight, the scores are reset to zero.

On the Kred.com site an individual's Influence and Outreach score based on all public activities on Twitter over the last 1,200 days. The Kred site also shows the communities each user influences, whereas this leaderboard only looks at influence based on activity around the 2012 Summer Olympics event.

How can I find out more about my score?

Every @name links to that person’s public profile on Kred.com where you can see their Global Kred score, the communities they influence, +Kred points awarded by their peers, and a live activity statement that shows the points awarded for each interaction.

What does the "users live" count mean?

This shows the number of Outreachers for the current day, e.g. the number of people who posted a tweet containing the event hashtag and mentioned an @name in the same tweet.

What is an Influencer?

Influencers are people who have moved somebody else to act. Your Influence score increases when someone retweets, @replies or mentions you. Influence points also reflect the reach of people who engage with you.

What is an Outreacher?

Outreachers are people who interact with others or help them spread their content. Outreach increases when you retweet, @reply or mention someone.

What do the numbers at the top of each column mean?

These numbers show the average points awarded for each day of 2012 Summer Olympics. They are calculated as the sum of total points for all the Influencers using the 2012 Summer Olympics event search divided by the number of total Influencers using the 2012 Summer Olympics event search.

What is Kred?

Kred, created by social analytics leader PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by interests. Kred is the first social scoring system to provide a comprehensive score for Influence and Outreach by valuing engagement and interaction over follower count. It is the only influence measurement based on 1,200 days of social data and to offer completely transparent score calculation.

Kred celebrates the power of personal influence and generosity at the heart of human relationships — tight groups of friends and subject matter experts. For marketers, Kred presents the opportunity to discover trusted, engaged Influencers who can help them spread their message quickly. Learn more at Kred.com or tweet us @kred

Who is behind this?

Kred is powered by PeopleBrowsr, a leading social analytics and brand engagement company, providing social media brand engagement, data mining intelligence and sophisticated social search.

Founded in 2007, PeopleBrowsr is a global industry leader in the social media revolution, building advanced conversation technology to assemble the collective intelligence. As one of the first companies to receive the full Twitter firehose feed, PeopleBrowsr's datamine includes over 1,200 days of data.

PeopleBrowsr's Playground platform includes search, detailed analytics and real-time engagement across multiple social media channels. Detailed reports and customized offerings are available via our Enterprise Services teams. API access is available to social developers, and PeopleBrowsr Labs serves as an accelerator for social startups in the San Francisco headquarters.

For enquiries, please email contact@peoplebrowsr.com or tweet @PeopleBrowsr